Make EVERYDAY An Outside Day

Outside Day

Friday, April 17th, 2015 

Theme:     Ignite the Change & Do It Outside

LocationDiscovery Park State Park, east of Boise, Idaho on HWY 21 below Lucky Peak

Weather Forecast:  A perfect Outside Day, cool in the morning and mid 70's by afternoon.


      Time                                                          Activities

8:00 AM                                                Volunteers  & presenters arrive and get set up

8:50 AM                                                       Elementary Students Leave Their Schools

9:15 AM                                                                   Garfield Students Arrive

9:20 -- 9:50                                                    Welcome, Introductions & Opening comments

                        9:50 -- 10:20                                                                          Activity 1

                        10:20 -- 10:25                                                                         Passing Time

                          10:25 -- 10:55                                                                      Activity 2

                          10:55 -- 11:00                                                                          Passing Time

                          11:00 -- 11:30                                                                       Activity 3

                          11:30 -- 12:25                                         No Host Lunch with guest speakers and games

                          12:25 -- 12:30                                                                     Passing Time

                          12:30 -- 1:00                                                                             Activity 4

                           1:00 -- 1:05                                                                            Passing Time

                           1:05 -- 1:35                                                                             Activity 5

                           1:35 -- 2:05                                           Visit Garden & Farm Stations for special treats

                                 2:05                                                                    Bus Leaves Discovery Park

                           2:10 -- 2:50                                         Clean-up & Wrap-up With Timberline Student Leaders

Hands-on Sustainability Activities 

Station 1, WATER.   Students will explore the giant bowl that collects water into our Boise River. They will be exploring our watershed, flow of water, the impacts of pollution and ways to keep the water and the organisms that depend upon it safe. This activity will be facilitated by Boise City's WaterShed The goal is to reduce water use and gain an appreciation of our precious water supply.

Station 2, Leadership TrainingStudents will be given more information about the sustainability initiative in the Boise School District and how Garfield became the district's elementary pilot program. Students will also learn how they can begin their sustainability program & TREE Club back at Garfield. 

Station 3, ENERGY.  Students will visit several hands-on activities and models to see how electricity is made through human power, solar and water. This activity will be facilitated by EverGreen Tech.

 Station 4, Waste Reduction. Students will learn about solid waste by playing games which will help them understand the impact of waste and how they can make improvements by changing their behaviors.   This activity will be facilitated by Republic Services.

 Station 5, Being Outside.  Students will learn why it is so important to spend time outdoors and why today is called Outside Day.  Timberline students will lead this hike to the Lucky Peak dam with a discussion of the area's special stories about its geology, biology and history, 


Fifth graders from Garfield Elementary School will be led through all five stations by student leaders from Timberline's AP Environmental Science classes and TREE Club.        *try to bring an earth friendly lunch

Let's Make Outside Day 2015 the Best Ever.

A very special thanks to Surat Nicol, Assistant Manager / Ranger at Lucky Peak, (Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation)


*  *  *

Outside Day was created in 2008 by Dick Jordan, an environmental science teacher at Timberline High School in Boise Idaho, to get his students outdoors as mentors for younger children and to invite in community leaders to share their expertise and passion for our precious resources and importance of spending time outside. Our focus for this our seventh Outside Day is sustainability because we want to reduce our ecological footprints at our schools, homes and businesses.  We also want to learn & play outside.